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Guraku Japanese Entertaiment Place

What is Taiyaki ?

Taiyaki is Fish-shaped pancake.

It is hot, sweet and definitely delicious! It is kind of fish shaped pancakes with red bean paste. It is made from flour, eggs redbeans. and sugar. Outside of the pancake look like a fish but you will realize it’s different from other pancakes when you open it. There is hot red bean paste in it. People often have it on a street but generally we have it at home with hot green tea.

Popular Plan(Taiyaki Making )

You can create a full-fledged Taiyaki as you like on your hands!!Experience use time is about 60 minutes.

・3780yen per one person

・3024yen per one student

・free         Preschoolers

 ※Including tax display

If you pay 500yen an additional, you can use special taste.

Address:Taito-ku, Tokyo Nishiasakusa 2-3-2